Private Tasting-Wine Tour-Classes

Private Tasting-Wine Tour-Classes

  • Contact us if you want us to help you to create the most of your private wine dinner.

Ou r sommeliers, wine stewards can bring over a great sele cti on of fine wines from all o ver the world

OR selected the best from your own wine-cellar.

  • ABC wine initiation basic blind Tasting sessions.
  • Corporate & Private Tasting seminars to help your executives to know how to order wine in the restaurant during diner meeting.
  • We can also bring over Chefs and bar chefs to create the most of your food and wine pairing experience.
  • Now if you are looking to explore some wineries during your traveling in Europe, North America and south America; we can help to set up your visit, your tasting, your tour and meet with the owner-winemakers.

We will custom design your needs and will get you the best wine-trip experience.

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