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  • US Market Specialist

    W.S.C can provide to your company the expertise of the US beverage industry   Global economic conditions are having a dramatic impact on every aspect of business decisions. At this juncture, all major issues confronting companies are being dealt with fear and uncertainty.   National studies examine key components of […]

  • Beverage Branding

    You need an edge in this market.   You need an edge in this market. Your brand needs to be recognized, loved, and remembered.   How to be brave and win? Vision Innovation Leadership Culture Customer experience Measurement Result HR (human resources)   These services will enable you to quickly determine […]

  • Label Approval & Compliance

    WSC is a partner with a professional licensed firm that can apply for your label approval (TTB approval via BATF – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms). You can save money by creating the right label from the start. We will assist you by giving you direction on how to […]

  • Importation & Distribution Strategy

    Importation WSC can create an importation strategy in relation with your distribution concept. We are connected with several importers located on the West and East Coast that can provide clearing of your products. We can assist you in finding the most comprehensive and the most cost effective solutions to import […]

  • Vineyard & Winemaker Consulting

    US Market Alchemy The American market is diversified by a multi-ethnic population. You want your product to be part of the trend and be able to touch as many people as possible. The majority of the American population has a “sweeter palate” than any other demographic in the world. Therefore, […]

  • Cellar Appraisal

    After creating a database of prices sold to the US market, WSC is capable via its entire network to cross micro-data value and be able to come out with a US national price. This service is available ONLY for Cult and Collectable items for private (home based cellar in case […]